Oracle 12c Database Software Installation with Real Application Cluster

This article explains how to install Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( software on cluster nodes with step by step pictorial representation.

1. Create the required directories on both nodes and set the desired permissions for oracle user.

2. Download Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( software and unzip the files to create a database stage area.

Database Software Installation

3. Login to cluster node1 as oracle user and start the Oracle Installer from the database software stage directory as below.
$ cd /u01/stage/database
$ ./runInstaller

Configure Security Updates

4. Now you will be presented with a below screen. Provide your oracle support email and password to receive updates on security threats. If you do not want the security updates, uncheck the security updates checkbox and click the Next button. Click Yes on the subsequent warning dialog.

Installation Option

5. Select the Install database software only option , then click on Next button.

Grid Installation Options

6. Accept the default Oracle Real Application Clusters database installation option by clicking the Next button.

Node Selection

7. By default the local node will be selected. Please select remaining nodes in the cluster and click on Next button.

Product Language

8. On the Product Language screen, select the languages in which you want the RDBMS software to run from given list and click on Next button.

Database Edition

9. On the Database Edition screen, Select the Enterprise Edition option and then click on Next button.

Installation Location

10. Please specify the installation locations for Oracle base and Oracle Home. Now click on Next button.

Operating System Groups

11. Select the desired operating system groups, then click the Next button.

Prerequisite Checks

12. Now the installer will perform prerequisite checks and list the errors and warning. If there are no warning it displays the summary information.


13. Now you will be presented with a Summary screen as below. Click on Install button to start the installation.

Install Product

14. Now the Installation progress window will be displayed. Wait for the installation to complete.

Execute Configuration Script

15. When prompted, run the configuration script as a root user on each node as in given order. When the scripts have been run on each node, click the OK button.


16.The successful installation shows the below screen. Click on Close button to exit the installer.

This Completes the 12c ( Oracle Home Installation on the cluster nodes.


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