OS Health Checkup Script for DBA's



This Linux shell script will perform the OS level health checkup and displays the output with  related warnings and errors.


This script will give the output for below.

1) OS information:
Operating system information like OS type, OS version, OS bit version , Kernel version and hostname.

2) Shut down, reboot and up timings:
The system last shutdown time, rebooted time and total uptime of the system.

3) Load average on the system:
The load averages on the system in last 1,5 and 15 minutes.

4) Number of processes:
The details of number of processes on the system.

5) CPU Usage:
The system idle CPU percentage will be displayed and gives alert message if the idle CPU is below 10% and warns if the idle CPU is below 20%.

6) Memory and Swap usage:
Memory and SWAP usage will be displayed and gives the warning if the usage is above 80% and alert if the usage is above 90%.

7) Mount point space usage:
Mount points usage information will be displayed and gives the warning if the any mount point fill to 80% and alerts if the usage is above 90%.

8) Errors messages from /var/log/messages:
It will list the error , warning and failed messages from /var/log/messages.


This script is for Linux/Unix Generic platforms. Applicable to OEL 6 or RHEL 6 and below versions of Linux and Unix. 

Download the Script:

Click here to download the shell script.


Run this shell script as root user.
Note: We recommend you to run this script in test environments before proceeding to production environment.

# sh os_healthcheck.sh


The out put of the script will be as shown below.


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